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El Salto del Colacho (The Devil’s Jump)

I took part in a festival themed workshop afternoon a couple of months ago hosted by the lovely Jennifer C. Wilson at North Shields Library. I am just catching up on editing several pieces and thought I would share this... Continue Reading →



I've read 26 books this years (ain't Goodreads great for stats?!). Over the past 2 months none bar Peter Laws' Matt Hunter series have rated over 3 stars on the Jane-o-meter. As a reader this is actually pretty frustrating. Yes... Continue Reading →

Peter Laws’ Matt Hunter Mysteries

Aka We Need To Talk About Bunnies. Recently I've been confined to my chamber as various maladies worked their way from my body causing conflict, mess and unseemly amounts of bile en route. What better way to compliment my rotting... Continue Reading →

Of Corpse Orchards, March Interruptus, Dragons & Beasts

The Beast from the East has been keeping me awake. I live a smidge from the north sea - turn right out of my front door and the great grey water thrashes the shore across the street. I'm pretty used... Continue Reading →

February Face

I have a touch of the February face about me at the moment. It has been - as suspected - a rather intense month with little reading. A great deal of learning. Courses, facts, protocols. That's not to say there... Continue Reading →

Eleven Books For January

I appear to be gambolling in book filled glades this January. Eleven books is high even by my standards. But here's the rub - eleven decent books but not one that set my soul alight. I've been entertained, walked different... Continue Reading →

A Trio of King: The Mr Mercedes Series

Sometimes you fall unwittingly into a book binge trap. I started 2018 doing exactly this with Stephen King's Mr Mercedes Trilogy. Except, being a tit, I did them all wrong. Many of the books on my TBR pile come from... Continue Reading →

The Consequential Hand

I wrote this short story, The Consequential Hand, from the prompt unintended consequences for Story Tyne 2016 in which it was highly commended. It's an odd little story for me, quite dispassionately observed. I hope you enjoy it. The Consequential... Continue Reading →

My Best Friend’s Exorcism

I am an unashamed retro-ist. Is that even a word? A concept? Let's just say I gaze back rather fondly on the 1980s. I know there was a great big filthy underbelly of rot, corporate greed and conservatism with a... Continue Reading →

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