Irregular Fiction

Picture Past #11: An Origami Pig

A little blue and white paper pig. A tiny scrap that I've held onto for 11 years. It sits in one of my memory tins, it's folds a little crumpled, it's snout a little squashed. I mentioned in my memories... Continue Reading →

Picture Past Paused

Apologies, June has struck, and with it I am laid low and sneezing and rendered ineffectual at best. I'm taking a break until July, when I'm looking to write about my love of The Sandman graphic novels, and how it... Continue Reading →

Picture Past #10: The Shack

Ah, the Shack. Our grand folly, our passion project. Where other people buy beautiful motorhomes or smart semis, we bought a crumbling wooden hut in an ancient woodland. On a whim. Let me explain. Many moons ago my Dad was... Continue Reading →

Picture Past #9: Robin of Sherwood

Nothing's forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten. Especially not when it contained outlaws, magic, a hot male lead or two, and some superb storytelling from Richard Carpenter. Yes, the launch of Robin of Sherwood in April 1984 was perfectly timed to... Continue Reading →

Picture Past #8: Gateshead Garden Festival 1990

Gateshead Garden Festival 1990, a heady brew of excess pollen, brilliant sunshine and teenage hormones running riot in the interlude between 6th form and polytechnic. A knocking shop of epic proportions, with lust and love shimmering over the deep fat... Continue Reading →

Picture Past #7: 1989 Part 2 – My Kingdom

Boy, am I glad that smart phones weren't around in 1989! That coming of age year had so much freedom, so much indulgence - without the intrusive visual capture of events that today's 17 year olds face, invited or not.... Continue Reading →

Picture Past #6: 1989 Part 1 – How to Build A Goth

It may seem odd to include a whole year in this merry little memory skip of mine. However, some years are burned into our minds like afterglow from staring at a lightbulb filament too long. 1989 was the year that... Continue Reading →

Picture Past #5: KET! (Sweets!)

Thinking back to the earliest memories I have, there are just fleeting impressions. Of remembered pain, from standing on a broken glass in my bedroom. Of glee, scaling the front gate of the bungalow we lived in until I was... Continue Reading →

Picture Past #4: Memory Boxes

Writing Picture Past has brought to my attention a habit I never realised I have. When I began to prepare for these posts, I put together a memory box of photos, notes, daft things like student ID cards as points... Continue Reading →

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