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The Repository of Lost Souls: Origin of Barflies

Last week I sent my small volume of short stories, The Repository of Lost Souls, out into the world with trepidation. I have been overwhelmed and touched by all the support my family, friends and complete strangers have given me.... Continue Reading →


Hidden Identity

You find me at an odd place. Looking in the mirror, I see me at an odd place - there're shadows under the eyes, creases where there was once firm flesh. They eyes are still dark, still hosting the residual... Continue Reading →

Interlude Interrupted

World, it's been a while. Reasons, excuses - I have many. But let's just chalk it up to inertia. In the past three months I've written 8 Geeks versus Loneliness articles for Den of Geek, as well as overseeing guest... Continue Reading →

Peter Laws’ Severed & The Geordie Monsoon

Contains mild spoilers for the Matt Hunter series.  Ah, the Geordie Monsoon. Fountains of water erupting on Dean Street. Lightening striking the iconic Tyne Bridge. Myself and a big hairy dog named Sally noodling along the seafront unaware of the... Continue Reading →

Shake It Off

There were so many titles I could have chosen for the first blog post of 2019. Most of them contained profanities relating to the horrific entity that was 2018. After a physiotherapy appointment this morning I concluded that muttering and... Continue Reading →

Salvation’s Fire by Justina Robson

Rebellion Publishing are an interesting bunch. They publish great new sci-fi and fantasy, and also have bought the rights to older classic comics such as 2000AD, Misty and Scream. This year they've brought out a number of novels that form... Continue Reading →

The Frighteners by Peter Laws

Halloween is coming and it's a good time to snuggle up, get the fire burning and read a cracking spooky book to make you feel all snuggly smug inside your warm safe walls, unbothered by ghosts, werewolves, neck bothering knives... Continue Reading →

Fear, & The Room of Lost Childhood

When I was 8 years old I had a nose bleed. Not a small trickle of blood, not a little crimson burst. This nose bleed was significant. I'd charged into my parents' bedroom to wake my Dad from his afternoon... Continue Reading →

On War Service: Women’s Work During WWI

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