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Shake It Off

There were so many titles I could have chosen for the first blog post of 2019. Most of them contained profanities relating to the horrific entity that was 2018. After a physiotherapy appointment this morning I concluded that muttering and... Continue Reading →


Salvation’s Fire by Justina Robson

Rebellion Publishing are an interesting bunch. They publish great new sci-fi and fantasy, and also have bought the rights to older classic comics such as 2000AD, Misty and Scream. This year they've brought out a number of novels that form... Continue Reading →

The Frighteners by Peter Laws

Halloween is coming and it's a good time to snuggle up, get the fire burning and read a cracking spooky book to make you feel all snuggly smug inside your warm safe walls, unbothered by ghosts, werewolves, neck bothering knives... Continue Reading →

Fear, & The Room of Lost Childhood

When I was 8 years old I had a nose bleed. Not a small trickle of blood, not a little crimson burst. This nose bleed was significant. I'd charged into my parents' bedroom to wake my Dad from his afternoon... Continue Reading →

On War Service: Women’s Work During WWI

Steal A Day: The Enchanted Garden at The Laing

Sometimes I need to steal a day. Take myself somewhere different to fire off some happiness in my anxious mind. Last week I got dolled up and took a morning to head to Newcastle for just such a reason. I... Continue Reading →

Of Kindness, & Rachel Joyce’s The Music Shop

Some books sneak up and catch you by the short and curlies of your emotional tailcoat. The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce being a fine example. I bought this book for sheer nostalgia. It contains two things close to my... Continue Reading →

Redemption’s Blade by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Sometimes we forget why we do something.  What we enjoyed about it.  Our reasons for giving up large chunks of our leisure time to a fantasy world, an odyssey, a book series without a visible end in sight and many... Continue Reading →

Miles & Miles: a creative journey

It was an absolute pleasure to proof read Miles and Miles as part of the editing process, and so lovely to see it now in print. Good luck Miles!


The North Tyneside Writers' Circle

Miles W. Hewitt has just published Miles & Miles~ A Lifetime of Travel Adventures in Asia and Latin America.

Elaine Cusack and Jane Roberts-Morpeth from The North Tyneside Writers’ Circle helped Miles on his creative journey from manuscript to Kindle.

Elaine asked him to share his thoughts on writing, publishing and travel…..

Miles&Miles_FrontCoverWhen I made the decision to write Miles & Miles, I had no idea that I was about to hurl myself into a creative oblivion. I set about acquiring the skills needed to navigate through this unknown world. The entire project took three years of determined anguish driven by an innate desire to share my travel experiences.

In the early stages, I gave various chapters to close friends for their honest feedback which indicated that it was a good story. My confidence was given a boost. All I needed to do now was learn how…

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