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Writing Round Up

It's a new year, and having ended last year with a spectacularly ill advised rendition of Werewolves of London outside the pub, I thought it might be worth a quick look at what I was up to during 2019, writing... Continue Reading →

Living with POTS: Spinning on that Dizzy Edge

I've been on mute for a little while. Taking in life, adjusting to new circumstances. It placed a rather rusty spanner in any reviewing or writing plans that I had concocted. The reason? After two years of knowing that something... Continue Reading →

Book review: Jane Roberts-Morpeth, The Repository of Lost Souls

The lovely Jennifer C. Wilson wrote a very nice review of my small book, The Repository of Lost Souls. Thank you, Jen.

Jennifer C. Wilson

RepositoryLostSouldToday, on the blog, I am reviewing a beautiful collection of short stories, from Whitley Bay-based writer, Jane Roberts-Morpeth.

For fairness and transparency, I’ll tell you now that Jane is one of my best friends, but I wouldn’t feature her book on my blog if I didn’t think it was a cracking read.

I had heard snippets of some of these stories at workshops and readings (proud smile, as two were inspired by prompts I set!), but reading the collection as a whole was a delight.

Here’s the blurb to tempt you in further…

Welcome to The Repository of Lost Souls. A place for tales – and the people who walk within them – to step inside and rest their weary heads. Meet the vengeful mermaid, the weary ghost. The sibling vampire and the curious child. The family damaged by war. Join the final journey of the Bone Queen.Follow the…

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The Repository of Lost Souls: Origin of Barflies

Last week I sent my small volume of short stories, The Repository of Lost Souls, out into the world with trepidation. I have been overwhelmed and touched by all the support my family, friends and complete strangers have given me.... Continue Reading →

Hidden Identity

You find me at an odd place. Looking in the mirror, I see me at an odd place - there're shadows under the eyes, creases where there was once firm flesh. They eyes are still dark, still hosting the residual... Continue Reading →

Interlude Interrupted

World, it's been a while. Reasons, excuses - I have many. But let's just chalk it up to inertia. In the past three months I've written 8 Geeks versus Loneliness articles for Den of Geek, as well as overseeing guest... Continue Reading →

Peter Laws’ Severed & The Geordie Monsoon

Contains mild spoilers for the Matt Hunter series.  Ah, the Geordie Monsoon. Fountains of water erupting on Dean Street. Lightening striking the iconic Tyne Bridge. Myself and a big hairy dog named Sally noodling along the seafront unaware of the... Continue Reading →

Shake It Off

There were so many titles I could have chosen for the first blog post of 2019. Most of them contained profanities relating to the horrific entity that was 2018. After a physiotherapy appointment this morning I concluded that muttering and... Continue Reading →

Salvation’s Fire by Justina Robson

Rebellion Publishing are an interesting bunch. They publish great new sci-fi and fantasy, and also have bought the rights to older classic comics such as 2000AD, Misty and Scream. This year they've brought out a number of novels that form... Continue Reading →

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